6 Days

6 Days / A Further 6 Days – linked-double returnable series

Series one: (TV, drama, crime)
Pilot, plus 6 x 60 minutes
Time slot: Post watershed
Rights – world, all media
Talent: SAMANTHA GILES (Fay – lead character Jacob’s wife)

6 Days is the story of a second chance at life. An administrative error at the exact moment of death (a Universal Glitch) gives one person the chance to re-live their last 6 days. God and the Devil form ‘The Partnership’ with the power to decide who will get this second chance – can humanity learn and atone for its mistakes? In 6 Days , all will be revealed.

Vampires in Surburbia

Series one: (TV, supernatural drama)

Pilot, plus 6 x 60 minutes

Slot time: Post watershed

Rights – world, all media

Life in the London suburbs is about to be disturbed….in more ways than one! The Stokes family – Charles, his wife Constance and their two children, Kitty and Jimmy – just happen to be vampires living an uneventful life in North London. When their Aunt Beatrice from Yorkshire is suddenly widowed and needs to move in with them, they are forced to uproot to an old, large derelict council house in the suburbs. You never normally know what goes on behind closed doors – with Vampires in Suburbia, the truth will out.

The Thomas Cronus Files

Supernatural novel

Rights: World, all media

A novel for teens and young adults, The Thomas Cronus Files continues where the film script Vampires in Suburbia comes to a cinematic close. This very British vampire novel takes the reader into the world of the above top secret UK government agency First Defence, where ‘aliens’ and vampires interweave as unbelievable tales of urban myths except, in The Thomas Cronus Files, the urban myths are true!

Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

Series one: (TV, drama, crime)
Pilot, plus 5 x 60 minutes
Time slot: Post watershed
Rights – world, all media

Operating as an international corporate divorce lawyer – in a world of full of greed, violence and perversion – how can Paul Foster distinguish between his personal life from a professional one? Accused of multiple murders across Europe, Asia and now North America, maybe for serial killer Paul Foster there is no difference?

A Matter of Life or Death

A Matter of Life or Death is a comedy drama road movie of our time. Set in the UK, it is a tale of modern day morality, personal and social identity.

Set against the backdrop of London Fashion Week, for haute couture fashion designer Charles Merryweather it has all gone horribly wrong. Following a professional disaster, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Charles ends up embarking on a journey of personal discovery. Caught up in the consequences of Charles’s disappearance, our attention is drawn to his down-trodden personal assistant, Corrie Fisher, as she is thrust into the limelight of London Fashion week. Facing her own fears, she now has to fight to take control of putting together a make-or-break collection. Charles Merryweather, meanwhile, becomes an observer of the events he finds himself in and, for the first time in his life, is unable to control!



Series one: (TV, drama)
Pilot, plus 5 x 60 minutes
Time slot: Pre watershed
Rights – world, all media

Millais is a social drama of our time. Although it is set in the second half of the 19th century, it is essentially a love story between the three main protagonists; John Everett Millais, John Ruskin and Ruskin’s wife, Effie.

Searching to find his sense of ‘self’ and his voice as an artist, ‘Millais’ is set against a backdrop of mid-Victorian London society, where the rebellious young, ‘self-conscious’ artist asks the question; who are we? Defining Britishness through Victorian sexual ambivalence and cultural politics, we explore the story through the complex relationships between John Ruskin and Ruskin’s wife Euphemia (Effie) Ruskin. Whilst its main focal point is the love triangle between Millais, Ruskin and Effie, the dramatic resonance of ‘Millais’ reflects the social and cultural morality of the day; a world in which celebrity, fame and fortune come at such a high price.

The Anniversary

Brian and May Babcock are about to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by holding a party for all of their family and friends. Tom, their daughter’s husband, is putting together an anniversary speech and has persuaded Brian and May to allow him to read from a selection of love letters written by Brian to May during the early years of their marriage – while Brian was abroad working. Their best friends, Miranda and John in the meantime, have had to come to terms that their thirty year marriage together is about to come to an end.

The Anniversary is a comedy drama that celebrates the lives of older people. It is a revision of life explored over long-term relationships and the secrets that they may hold. The action takes place during a summer week in August in a small country village cottage. The story begins five days before May and Brian Babcock’s golden wedding anniversary celebrations.


Series One:

(TV, family, junior)
Non TX Pilot 1 x 30 minutes
Rights – world, all media

ClawBack is a brand-new, winning entertainment format for all the family. One where general knowledge, coordination and where even a bit of luck may go a long way. Pitching family against family, contestants play through the initial rounds leading to the ultimate Man vs Machine test of skill, bravery and luck!!

Loosely based on the classic British Arcade ‘Claw grabber’ crane game, families play to win fantastic prizes. But the winning family won’t be playing for cuddly toys, but holidays, cars and a massive cash prize, all to be found in the ClawBack! ‘play zone’. Three families battle it out across two rounds to win ClawBack! ‘claw time’ until one family is left victorious. The twist? The successful team’s family member is suspended at the end of the ClawBack! crane, desperately trying to find those prizes hidden in the 9 ClawBack! play zones. But there is more…In a final jeopardy round, a further £50,000 is available to win. Do they take their winnings, or do they gamble for the big money prize?

Cookin' Books

Series one: (TV, Junior)
60 minutes
Rights – world, all media
Audience: 6 – 12
Time slot: Weekend, morning


Simon, the 3D chef’s assistant, brings all the fun and magic to this live, animated format for children. Mixing classical literature, storytelling and ‘live’ hands on cooking, Cookin’ Books​ ​provides the party with all the right ingredients!!

Cookin’ Books​ combines classical storytelling and fun cooking in a studio based 60 minute show for all children aged between 6 and 12 years of age. The twist!! Have you ever thought what the food tastes like cooked from classical children’s books such as Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle or Pizza at Sally’s by Monica Wellington? New, fun, children’s TV show Cookin’ Books​ can answer all those questions!!

Cookin’ Books​ capitalises on: Bringing favourite ‘classical’ children’s stories to life, educational nutrition, the origin of ingredients, and healthy eating!!

By a Nose

  • By a Nose is a horse racing inspired, studio game show
  • It is a fun sports quiz show
  • Two competing teams made up of individual members of the public play the role of the Owner, Trainer and Jockey who compete to enable the jockey to win the race
  • Team members answer ‘race’ questions to enable the jockey to progress, whilst devising a team strategy to complete the racing grid and win the game

5 to 1

  • 5/1 is a studio based, high energy virtual sports game show played with money and betting odds.
  • Two teams consisting of five members per team – representing team ‘A’ and team ‘B’ – battle it out by playing five virtual games chosen at random by the computer from a list of five sporting themes.
  • Both teams place alternate secret bets and odds.
  • A maximum winning pot of £22,500 could be won.
  • It is a fun based sports game show for all the family.


TV Formats

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