Hello, and welcome to the Sugar Free website. By working in collaboration with third party producers our goal is to develop, format and provide original ideas to inspire the viewing public around the world.

Richard Bate MA LGSM

Creative Director

A professional director and ‘supplier’ of original film scripts and formats, Richard has provided scripts for Film4, BBC Films, Channel4 and a variety of independent TV and film producers. He is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain & PACT.

Richard set up Sugar Free Productions in April, 2015, with a view to offering authentic scripts and imaginative formats. He would like to invite you to preview his original dramas and TV formats for licensing and further development.

Sugar Free Productions would also like to acknowledge the help and support of The Creation Lab (co-executive producers), Webster Creative (IT support), Small Paul (smallpaulsound) & Neil Perry (graphics) for their creative support during this time.

Sugar Free Productions is looking to create third party distributor investment for its unique multi-platform programming. Because its strength is in creating original formats for television, it is aiming to forge strong relationships with broadcasting producers who are looking at commissioning original content to be distributed both domestically and internationally.

Because of the continuing growth of the UK independent TV production sector, Sugar Free Productions would like to establish a collaborative relationship with other independent producers. With its strong sense of content creation and rights exploitation, it is looking to continue to be the creative hub for the very best ideas and the best talent on and off UK screens!

With the increase in global sales from the Indies production sector coming from outside the UK, Sugar Free Productions is keen to establish new terms of trade with investors to develop its own secondary and ancillary rights across overseas networks and multi-channel TV companies as part of an ongoing broadcasting and development strategy in the UK.

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